Barnes Financial Group - Same old Tricky Ricky

Charlotte, North Carolina 1 comment

I wish I had found this site prior to working with this piece of *ish!Myself and four other agents learned that him and his buddies at MF changed our contracts without our knowledge.

This pathetic egotistical piece of *** needs to be stopped. He has figured out how to balance the fine line of legality and immorality. I hope he tips over soon so he can't hurt anyone else. He loves preying on the meek.

It will catch up to his womanizing behind....sooner than he thinks! He thinks he's untouchable...we shall see tricky ricky.

Every DOG has its day!And yours is coming sooner than you think!


Jackson, Tennessee, United States #813987

Does he cheat with women too?

Barnes Financial Group - Doesn't pay bills - lots of lawsuits - Don't do business with Ricky Barnes

Hickory, North Carolina 2 comments
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Don't do business with Ricky Barnes.He is a typical salesman and will sell you a bill of goods.

He will smile and shake your hand while simultaneously stabbing you in the back. Can't be trusted. He is being sued left and right and doesn't pay his bills. Has no respect for anyone.

He is totally unethical. He is a user. He is now with TAG, The Assurance Group. How *** are they.

Stay away!!!!!! Insurance agents beware. He used to be with Bankers Life and was sued by them also. Remember seeing Bankers Life on inside edition on tv.

Check it out on youtube.

A zebra doesn't chasnge his stripes.If you sleep with dogs you get fleas!!!!!!


Jackson, Tennessee, United States #813988

Is the man straight?


What a peice of work. Not the least bit surpised to hear all these negative posts. He likes to hire rookie insurance agents (no salary of course) to steal their prospects, beware rookies.

Barnes Financial Group - Happy new agent

Charlotte, North Carolina 3 comments

THis is the best company I have ever worked for. I have seen the other negative comments and those are from ex managers that use to work for Mr. Barnes. Looks like they are mad that he fired them for unethical behavior.

This is a great company and a family ran company. They treat all thier people really good and make sure they are well taken are of. If you are looking for a job this is the place you need to come.

I just started and the ex reuiter that was here tried to recruit me to another company. This was verey underhanded I thought and I told her that I didnt like unethical people. I am very happy.

Review about: Work Experience.



He is the *** of the earth with no conscience.All his agents have left and he has nothing but dirtbags still there.

One is Marvin Davis. Google that one.

The end of the tunnel is appraoching...and it is a train wreck.He will be gone soon and hopefully for good.


GOD I just hope you get out of that den of thievs quickly

Stanton, Kentucky, United States #239725

Wow, if anybody looking for a new job believes that a NEW AGENT wrote this *** needs to be evaluated for being a ***!If your a new agent, how could you possibly know anything about "old people" who worked there.

You should look up how Ricky got terminated from Foresters and North American..ask him about that. I just looked up on line and saw that, and then realized that this crook is getting exactly what he deserves.

Ricky and his family is living off borrowed money and when Universal American finally decides to sue him, he'll be finished for sure!He's a liar, a cheat and a womanizing a-hole who needs to be removed COMPLETELY from the insurance world....God, please help out us honest agents and revoke his license permanently!!!

PS: All you new agents should ask if he has any vectors...seriously this guy will be done shortly...

Barnes Financial Group - FORMER NEW AGENT

Washington, District Of Columbia 0 comments
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For those of you who don't know.....Allow me to introduce Lisa Miele.Lisa Miele is one of the most hardest working individuals I know.

She will stop in midstream of working on her individual jobs and will help you in the most difficult situations. She works well pass her hours that she is being paid for and she will not stop until she completes all tasks at hand. Lisa Miele no longer works for Rick Barnes or The Barnes Financial Group. She had no clue that she was recruiting for a thief nor did she know that he had been scamming others.

She quit immediately after extensive research and failed attempts to hire new recruits.

I don't know how you all feel about it, but to me that has to speak volumes about her character.

Former New Agent!!!!!!

Barnes Financial Group (Tricky Ricky) is a joke

Bellevue, Washington 2 comments
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I have been reading all the comments on this site and cannot believe that Rick Barnes would stoop so low as to put positive comments on here to try to ward off the negative comments which are true. He wants you to go to the BBB and check out BFG. BFG is to new to really even have any bad reports at the BBB. His other two companies he previously owned sure have enough. He will steal your money and even steal your personal equipment if its in his office.

Comments #4,8,10,11,12,and 13 were all written by Rick Barnes himself. I will start with #10. He acts like hes a newly promoted manager. I was at the VIP dinner aboard the Catawba Queen and there was not a new manager there that had a wife. How could the fake couple have a good time. The dinner sucked and was so boring. He says that he cares for his people, than why a one drink minimum when at all the other dinners ALL the drinks were paid for. Money getting tight with no business coming in. He wants you to come by and ask his people, what people all 5 agents left.

Comment #11. He acts like someone looking for a job. He says Val was great through the interview process. I know this is a lie because she only does the informational. Val (Hitler) doesn't know how to be great. In all honesty there is something really wrong with Val. He says that they won't lie to get you in the door. Well thats a lie right there. He tells you in the one on one that he pays you the highest wages in the area. False, he pays you what best fits him and will make sure he pads his pocket with your money.

Comment #12. He writes that Val is a professional. A professional what. All she does is data entry and write numbers on her *** boards. Val is a back stabbing two faced evil bitter old woman. There really is something wrong with her. Oh excuse me she is a pro at kissing Ricks *** and running to him and telling on you if she hears you say something. All you 1099 employees don't be late because she will tell. He also says that his wife and kids are at the office all the time. Shes not his wife and the kids are only there once in awhile. The comments aren't from anyone working there. Well than how do I know that you just lost 20-25 managers and agents. You would probably still have all your people if you weren't ripping them off. He doesn't have a big turnover, they just quit.

Stop by and see his staff, what staff? Rick, Maura, Val, and your 5 agents. I'm sorry but the truth really hurts. If you want to work somewhere and not make any money than this is the place for you.

BTW I wonder how much longer he can afford to keep Val with her high paying salary with no money coming in. This man needs to grow up and leave people alone.

Review about: Tricky Ricky.


Jackson, Tennessee, United States #813995

We were straight commission agents offered a plethora of leads to come aboard.Then this sawed off little runt wants us on the phone all day generating leads.

I didn't argue just didn't show up for the "mandatory" office days. He acted like a hurt little girl. The truth about idiots like this. No salary, no benefits, no leads, and want to treat you like an EMPLOYEE.

I cleaned out my desk and left. He called the cops and said some *** about my being in the office unattended. They told him it was a civil matter. He pitched a girly fit because they wouldn't arrest me.

I heard about this from the other agents who were soon gone too.Had he tried this *** to my face we both would have gone to go the emergency room because my boot would have been stuck in his punk ***.

Al Mukalla, Hadramawt, Yemen #232282

and I couldnt have said it btr myself.Val Peelick is a cu*t which is a perfect match for a *** like barnes.

They both will go down in flames. His "wife" started off giving him BJ in his office at his prvious employer.

BTW while he was married to another woman.he is a certified piece of $hit

Barnes Financial Group - They will rip you off

Matthews, North Carolina 19 comments
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This is a big den of theives.They will steal every thing from your wallet to your identity.

BEWARE thet scammed my mothere out of her life savings and wont return calls. do not let these crooks in your home. Especially Ricky Barnes the so called founder...they dont call him "TRICKY RICKY" for nothing. Seriously,He even has a stiff neck from always looking over his shoulder afraid someone will catch up to him.

Worthless piece of ***.SO you have been warned these folks are very very dangerous and they should be behind bars in my pissed off opinion!!!!

Review about: Annuites.


Al Mukalla, Hadramawt, Yemen #232266


Some of the other crimminals who worked fro him are now at AIM Financial doing the same thing.

I hear Ricky is a ptnr in that too.Message to all "YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED--STAY FAR FAR AWAY!!!!




It looks like lisa miele is now recruiting for barnes financial group and american marketing solutions something is very fishy about this looks like tricky ricky has ripped off enough people with barnes and is getting ready to make another company switch uh oh watch out

Al Mukalla, Hadramawt, Yemen #223750

nice writting RICKY BARNES!!! Did you come up with this fake entry all by yourself????? OR did u have a "criminal conference" with all your managers and this is a combined effort to disguise how you just run people thru your people mill???

People the truth is out there--check the BBB under his previous company names you will see what I am telling you. Premier Financial and Aim Fincial.


Council Bluffs, Iowa, United States #222645

I am looking for a job.I was contacted by this organization.

After looking into what I thought might not be something I would be interested in, I was wrong. They didn't try to give me the pie in the sky sales pitch like other companies like them. They told me to interview at other insurance companies and do my investagation and look up them on the BBB and after a few interviews then I would see if this was a good fit. I did what they said and this place is different.

They seem real, not fake like some of the others I have Been to. I won't say names of the other companies but I felt like a number there. Not here though. They have explained that this will be hard work and a lot of hrs to get my business off the ground.

They also told me that if I didn't have a cusion of savings that the timing may not right. They got to know me and talked about a business plan that would direct me and allow me to provide for me and 4 kids. I am a single mom and I want to provide for my kids more than the 8-5 I have been working at. I was told that I would have to talk on the phone quite a bit and learn products and presentations to be able to do well.

I just passed all of my licensing classes which was held at their office and now I am ready to change my life for the better. If you are looking for a job and if they call you, do what I did and check it out for yourself. Don't let other blogs like this pissed off consumer sway you.

Go to the BBB and go...

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Al Mukalla, Hadramawt, Yemen #221707

There is no doubt about it this whole organization is nothing but a sham!!!After working there a few weeks I just got disgusted with the whole thing.

They do have secret list of names and they insist you contact people on the DO NOT CALL LIST!!! Mr Barnes maybe OK with breaking the law but I am not.

Ricky hardly ever even comes to the office anymore.

This is a business that has the earmarks of going out of busines and I am glad I left before i got in too deep with this group.They really did frighten me.

Al Mukalla, Hadramawt, Yemen #215135

Why do you think Ricky only trains the managers and not the agents?Because if you only show maybe 5 mngr\'s how to lie, steal, and cheat seniors AS OPPOSSED to 50 agents he has insulated himself and now they go down before him.

They are sacrificial lamb\'s following a wolf in sheep\'s skin. Remeber he aint called TRICY RICKY cause he knows card tricks.

God are you that naive?Really?

Al Mukalla, Hadramawt, Yemen #215127

Just wait. It takes about two years to feel the wrath of what this organzation does to their victims. It will rear it's ugly head and you will be very very sorry once you realize how you have been set up. I know these criminals all too well and you will know to before too long. Your family and friends will hate you for unleasing these vultures on them. You'll see unless you get out while the getting is good...if it already isnt too late.

Why else would he change his business name 3 times in the last two years???THINK PEOPLE THINK!!!!!!

Check with the Dept of Insurance if you dont believe me. They have compliants a mile long.

And BTW I cut mustard and eat the meat off the bone too. Ricky steals the cow and hoards it and laughs at the starving.


It is very sad to see that people do not have anything better to do than slander and threaten people.I have purchased insurance from a very nice agent that works there and I have been nothing but pleased.

She saved me money like she said she would and I have not had any problems. I have worked in the financial services industry for several years in my lifetime and know that people who are not able to cut the mustard are always the ones that have something to say negative.

If that was or is your experience, I suggest you take your complaints to the person that caused you to feel that way and not come on message boards like cowards and bash people.I have referred friends and family to Barnes Financial Group and they have also been pleased.

Al Mukalla, Hadramawt, Yemen #213972

All I will say is you haven't worked for there long enough. Just wait he will serew you over in the long run. You fact finder is no big deal. You crimminals can write anything you want as there is no backside audit of the facts. He has changed the name of his company three times in the last 2 years. Wonder why? He is constantly having to defend his actions and lack of compliance to the Dept of Insurance and has had several product lines pulled from him due to non-compliance issues.

Vallerie PEElick is the biggest witch in the west and Ricky hates her and thats a fact. He needs a Hitler to run his office and she is it.

Are those the children he had while married to his previous wife and is he still getting blow jobs in his office fro his long line of whores?

So I hope you enjoyed yourself on "THE YACHT" at the expense of ripping off all those seniors and all the other people he has screwed who ever worked for him or with him.

HE IS A CRIMMINAL AND SHOULD BE IN PRISON AND YOU "BFG MNGR" is either just as guilty as he is or will soon be another victim of the RAT known as "Tricky Ricky" throughout the industry.

All you folks will feel his sting. He is good at whay he does. Screwing other people over to get what he want no matter the cost. Just keep working for him lond enough and he will *** you.

Council Bluffs, Iowa, United States #213587

I am newly promoted mgr at BFG.I started as an agent and have done really well and was just promoted to to their mgt group.

This company reminds you of when companies really cared about their employees. You just don't get that anymore. Rick runs a well organized agency and has great people that make this place a great place to work. We just had our 3rd quarter VIP dinner and it was great great.

Rick took everyone on a chartered yacht that had a great quarter and my wife and I had the time of our lives. Things like this really shows us how much he really appreciates what we do. We were thought the right way to do business by him. We never make a sale unless there is a need.

He does not believe in high pressured closes. If the agents do not have a fact finder with an application he will not allow them to turn business in. This shows that he makes sure the client comes first. I know some people believe everything they read but I challenge you not to believe anything.

Check it out for yourself.

Go to his office and meet his staff.You will see why this company will be the premier office in and around the Charlotte area.

Council Bluffs, Iowa, United States #213584

I am an ex- agent of barnes Financial Group and the only reason I left was due to personal health issues.But I will make it clear that this agency is a great place to be and I am so glad that I didn't let the bad comments sway my decision on joining this firm.

Val was so great through my interviewing process and Lisa made sure all of my contracting was done the right way. They have the best culture in any office I have ever worked in. I have worked with other insurance companies and the training I received here was second to none. They will do what they say they will do and not just tell you lies to get you in the door like other companies.

They have a family atmosphere and they make a point to eat together atbleast once a month. Wow. Who does that these days? Professional, ethical, honest, trustworthy, dedicated company with values.

I hate that I am not still part of this group.If you are looking to join a great company, don't just read these comments, instead go to the BBB and go to their office if you get a opportunity for an interview.

Council Bluffs, Iowa, United States #213579

I work with Rick and Val and they are nothing but professional.Rick has his wife and kids in the office all the time and really make the office feel like home for all of us.

We know that there will be people that will try to bring this office down but they never will. Val, Lisa Belinda and Maura are the backbone of this office as they take Great care of all the agents and provide the best support an office could have. We know these bad comments are not from anyone who has ever worked here since we do not have much turnover. Rick is very selective on who is hired in his organization and all agents are really mentored when they are hired.

Only his Managers trains and works in the field with the agents, not Rick himself.

Rick trains his mgrs and develops them as they in turn develop

the agents.Anyone can post bad comments as well as good comments, but if you are looking for a great place to work come check us out for yourself and make your own decision on who you believe.

Council Bluffs, Iowa, United States #213571

These guys are the best. I work for them now and they treat everyone like family. I would say anyone that has something bad to say should really go meet them before they read the bad comments written by cowardly people that hide behind false words.

Al Mukalla, Hadramawt, Yemen #210614

THIS GUY IS A CRIMMINAL!!!!!!!!!!I worked ther for a month abd I never saw such underhanded scumbags in my life.

They dont care about anything but making a sale not matter what. I just couldnt work for someone who is actively trying to steal and hurt seniors.

His office administrator Valerie Pelick is a real *** too. Talk about a mean sprited woman...

she fits right in this "den of theivs".I agree Ricky Barnes should be in jail and probally will be someday unless somebaody grandkid puts a bullet in him first.

Al Mukalla, Hadramawt, Yemen #207436

I never worked for these guys but if they act the way they did in my mom's house I dont think they will be around long.My poor mom was a nervous wreck by the time they FINALLY left.

My mom is no dummy and they tried every trick and guilt trip in the book.She said she felt like taking a shower after they left they were so dirty.

Al Mukalla, Hadramawt, Yemen #204560

I had the same experience there.they really are sleazy.

Dont waste your time.

I am a lady and Ricky made me very uncomfortable and I know other ladies in the office fell the same one.I know of one he "felt up" but she wont report him.

He is a creep

Al Mukalla, Hadramawt, Yemen #195573

I had the same experience there.These guys are horrible.

They are real smooth scammers that for sure. They work from illegal "do not call" list and also have private custom files from other companies I am sure were stolen. Also turns out this is Ricky Barnes THIRD company he has formed in the last 3 years.

They all blow up riddled with fraud and abuse and he starts all over and leaves disaster in his wake.I am truly surprised this guy is not in jail as he sure is a criminal.


I had the unfortunate experience of working for these folks.Total sleazeballs that don't know how to tell the truth and would sell the clothes off of their children's backs in 20 degree weather.

If you have no morals, this is a great place to work.If you ever want to work in financial services anywhere else, STAY AWAY.

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